Beckham x Addy Week 5

Pictured at 4.5 weeks old.

Our puppy list is complete at the moment; please check again in a few weeks for availability.

Kirk red merle male. Naps and kisses, there's nothing better.

Dunn, red merle male. Tail always wiggling.

Healey, black tri male. Looking for Dora.

Carson, blue merle male. Started a garage band, going on tour soon.

Ferris, blue merle male. Sophisticated and debonair.

Clarke, blue merle girl. Party girl!

Alfie, red tri male. The things I put up with.

Mae, red tri female. Was ticketed this week for exceeding the cuteness limit.

Lux, red merle female. Broke the sound barrier this week due to excessive speed.

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