Beckham x Addy Week 6

Pictured at 5.5 weeks old.

Our puppy list is complete at the moment; please check again in late July for availability.

Kirk red merle male. Rawhide.

Dunn, red merle male. You'll have to talk to my agent.

Healey, black tri male. I has a limitless bank account of kisses.

Carson, blue merle male. Signed a record deal.

Ferris, blue merle male. Why yes, I do have legs.

Clarke, blue merle girl. Circus or rodeo? Or both!

Alfie, red tri male. I'm a lover, not a fighter.

Mae, red tri female. I may not be big, but I sure am small.

Lux, red merle female. Backup vocalist for Carson's garage band.

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