Player x Tommi Week 3

Pictured at 17 days old. Puppies are walking about, joining the circus, starting to play.


Bullet, blue merle boy. Natural bobtail, docked. Sweet little boy, Loves hiking and catching butterflies.


Siggi, red tri female, natural bobtail, docked. Big chunky girl, a fiery redhead as expected.


Luther, black tri boy. Full tail, docked. Hungry for food and cuddles. 


Shonda, black tri girl. Very short natural bobtail, not docked. Small girl but very round. Every day is buffet day.


Tay, black tri girl. Full tail, docked. Small girl, but up to big things.


Layla, black tri girl. Full tail, docked. Sweet girl, minds her own business and is highly organized. Dots her t's and crosses her i's.


Buck, black tri boy. Natural bobtail, docked. Sweet, cuddly, big boy. Has started a stamp collection and dabbles in coins too.


Bronn, black tri boy. Very short natural bobtail, docked. Smaller boy, interested in volcanos and dinosaurs.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.